Accessing Your CTA eMail

    1. Go to our webpage (
    2. Click the Email link on the left side menu bar
    3. Click on the "Access Your CTA Email Now!" button located beneath the Email link
    4. When prompted to, enter your full user name, password, and click "OK". (If you already have changed your password then go right to step 7)
      **Your full user name will most likely be your first initial and last name followed by
      **Please see your building representative for your default password.
      Example: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
    5. Click on the "change password" icon located on the bottom left of the screen
    6. Enter your new password (something you will remember for future use) and click "change password"
    7. Click on "Go Back"
    8. Locate the Horde Icon and click on the text link: "Read Mail Using Horde"
    9. Click on "Log in"
    10. Click on the Mail Icon to read your email
    11. Click on "Log off" when you are finished
    12. If you have difficulty accessing your email account contact: Bart Ayres, CTA Postmaster